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every wear

Other than lingerie, what to wear? The new guide “The Intimissimi Every Wear Book” is designed for all women who care about the quality of fabrics whilebeing comfortabe throughout the day. This guide shows all the technical characteristics and benefits of the various fabrics; from lightweight fibers such as silk, lace and SUPIMA cotton®, to the heavier materials like silk wool and modal thermal cashmere without forgetting the classic, but everyday fabrics, such as microfiber, modal and cotton. Knits, everyday basic made from quality and charm, all with many charictaristics, depending on their composition. Breathable and naturally elastic fabrics characterized by shimmering and softness. Created as a tool for every woman, who will be able to choose the most suitable fabric for every moment of her day. An invitation to build up the foundation of your wardrobe. Irina Shayk is the face of "The Intimissimi Every Wear Book”. The brand’s muse, whose irresistible beauty embodies the ideal notion of today’s woman, reflects Intimissimi’s signature comfort and quality. "The Intimissimi Every Wear Book" outlines a new way of building your wardrobe while always embodying the beauty of every woman. In addition to lingerie: Intimissimi has chosen to focus more on the concept of femininity and comfort. There are infinite possibilities of high quality fibers from around the world and endless possibilities of additional fabrics to your wardrobe. Intimissimi has created the perfect guide for your every need.