Intimissimi brand is a part of the successful Italian company, Calzedonia S.p.A Group. The brand boasts an extensive global franchise network whose shops set the benchmark in a dynamic world of emotions, comfort and great stylish taste.

Intimissimi has a rich and fruitful history. The brand has become the market leader in underwear in Europe since its creation in 1996. Intimissimi lingerie realizes the every woman’s daily dream. A simple but refined style, aloof from excess and aggressiveness.

The winning combination of high-quality products, romance and imagination has won loyal custom all over the world. The brand's collections offer an innovative natural look; an approach that is more subtle and receptive to modern needs. The absolutely competitive quality/price ratio joined to an accurate design and style research, to the use of well-advanced material and fabrics for collections which anticipate tastes and trends.


Key dates


The Intimissimi brand is established. The first stores open in Italy and abroad.


Intimissimi reaches major milestone of 100 retail outlets.


The Intimissimi brand celebrates its 10th anniversary with a limited edition Vintage range.


Intimissimi produces Heart Tango, a short film directed by Gabriele Muccino and starring Monica Bellucci.


Intimissimi launches the Beauty Range.
Alyson Le Borges, actress and niece of Alain Delon, endorses the new Shapewear Range.


Intimissimi embraces eco-sustainability and launches the “Recycle your Bras„ initiative.


Intimissimi reaches 1020 retail outlets in 23 different Countries around the world.


Intimissimi realizes The Perfect Bra, a book holding the wisdom and experience of one of the underwear brand leader.


Intimissimi launches differentiated cups . The protagonist of the campaign is the top model Barbara Palvin.
Christof Innerhofer, Matteo Marsaglia and Manfred Moelgg, members of Italian national ski team, are new MAN collection testimonials.
The Spanish star Blanca Suarez is the protagonist of the new spot for GIOIA, the super push-up with no underwire.


To date, Intimissimi commercial network in the world counts more than 1200 stores in 31 Countries, including Italy which boasts of more than 500 stores.

Le nostre date
  • Our values


    Romantic because it inspires
    the imagination and emotions,
    sensual because it enhances
    natural because it embodies
    grace and reflects modern
    style and needs...

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Ricerca Stilistica

Style research


Each collection features unique designs and cutting-edge materials in all the colors and styles of the season.

The women's collection is sensual and sophisticated, taking its inspiration from timeless Italian style and features a wide variety of exquisite panties, bras, guêpières and slips in silk, cotton and lace. The men's collection features more casual styles in comfortable stretch cotton and is designed to ensure all-day-long comfort.

The brand's winning formula is to offer stylish pieces with an unbeatable quality to price ratio.

Trendy and fashionable collections, even more precious thanks to the introduction of refined materials combined with innovative style and revisited forms, lead the brand to an always more valued proposal.


Corporate responsibility  

Corporate - Intimissimi

San Zeno Foundation

The San Zeno Foundation is an non-profit humanitarian organization supported by Calzedonia S.p.A. to promote cooperation and development projects around the world targeted specifically at helping people from the world's poorest countries and other communities in need build their own future through educational, work and vocational training projects. Calzedonia supports the activities of the San Zeno Foundation financially through donations which fund the foundation's many projects.

Every year, in October and November, Calzedonia S.p.A. donates 3% of total takings earned through its Italian retail outlets.



Intimissimi joins the eco-sustainability cause and launches a unique initiative: the scrapping and recycling of your old items.

Thanks to "Recycling your Bras" project, Intimissimi in cooperation with I:CO gives life to your old items. Special containers have been erected in all of Intimissimi's flagship stores to collect old items, no matter what the brand. The recycled fabrics are being used to manufacture soundproof insulating board thereby helping to reduce waste and alleviate noise pollution.
For more information on the initiative, read the rules and regulations.

Corporate - Intimissimi
Corporate - Intimissimi

Company Crèche

In 2001, a crèche was opened at the Intimissimi plant in Vallese di Oppeano near Verona for the children of the company's employees, mostly women. The decision to open the crèche has helped our workforce achieve a better home-work balance.

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